Poll: Australian attitudes toward mining, CSIRO, 2017

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A national survey of 8,020 citizens reveals what mining means to Australians in 2017. The survey covers the perceived benefits and negative impacts of the industry, as well as views on fairness, confidence in governance and trust. The results aim to add a new perspective to conversations about how mining takes place in Australia.

Key findings

What does mining mean to Australians?

  • Overall, mining was seen as central to Australia and contributing substantially to Australia’s economy and standard of living in 2017.
  • There was also little difference in how Australians perceived the importance of mining between mining, non-mining and metropolitan regions.
  • In 2017, participants also continued to agree on average that mining was necessary for Australia, is important to our way of life, and that mining will support Australia’s future prosperity.


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Updated: 18 September 2018