Bellingen nature

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Walks and swimming

Park accommodation


  • Hungry Head (not always patrolled), (20 mins): Link
  • Mylestom (not always patrolled), (20 mins): Link
  • Sawtell (often but not always patrolled), (30 mins): Link

Previous list of walks

  • Bellingen lookout. Via Nobles Lane. 2.45 roundtrip walk from the Treehouse. Link. Start at the intersection of Crown St and Nobles Lane. Map: Link
  • Bellingen lookout. Via Hill Street. 2 hour round trip walk from the Treehouse. Link. Start at the intersection of Hill Street and Evans Street. Link
  • Bellingen northside walk: Link
  • Bellingen Syndicate Trail. This gets very steep. You can turn off for Stony Gully. That’s a slight incline walk. After parking your vehicle you will walk a two hour round trip to Stony Gully. NPWS info: Link. Starting point on Google map. Link.
  • Dorrigo Skywalk: Link
  • Dorrigo Rainforest Centre: Link
  • Dorrigo Wonga Walk (includes Crystal Showers Falls): Link
  • Dorrigo Crystal Showers Falls: Link
  • Dorrigo Rosewood Creek: Link
  • Ebor Eagles Nest: Link
  • Ebor New England National Park: Link
  • Urunga board and beachwalk: Link

Updated: 7 April 2023