A few thoughts on recent announcements from @apple

A few people have asked me about what I thought of recent Apple announcements. Here goes…

Before this week

iOS 11: I am very excited by this as it will turn the iPad Pro into a MacBook replacement for most tasks. It is a massive step forward toward the end of the laptop computer. I am also looking forward to Airplay2 so I can stream from iOS to multiple devices (Bose Soundtouch) rather than to just one unit. This goes out 19/9, I think.

Mac OS High Sierra (I think): This has a new file system which most people won’t notice. It will make moving and copying files instantaneous, from what I can gather. That’s cool. This goes out 25/9, I think.

This week

iPhone 8 and iPhone X: Both look way cool. But I have a 7 Plus and there’s nothing that would make me upgrade. I do however really like wireless charging. I have two reasons for this. 1. You will be able to get one pad where you can charge your iPhone, watch and AirPods. That’s cool for overnight charging. 2. There’s plans to put charging pads in airports, airport lounges, bars, cafes and more. That makes it cool.

Apple TV 4K: Great but… I have a HD TV and as I understand it, 4k is only really noticeable if you are right up close to it, like at a desk on the iMac. If you are in a lounge room, like most of us, with the TV three to four metres away, you won’t notice the difference. Apple has spoken about HDR which enhances colour and I will be interested to see this. But for now, I am happy with my generation 3 and 4 Apple TV.

Apple Watch Series 3: Now this excites me and I have ordered one. Why? I use my iPhone for notifications and health monitoring. I have no interest in receiving or taking calls on the new watch without the iPhone. I don’t like phone calls, full stop. So why the 4G watch… messaging and notifications without the iPhone and the ability to stream podcasts and Apple Music while walking or training without the phone. I have the AirPods so this is a game changer for me.

Still to come 

HomePod: Great but not for me. I have an array of Bose Soundtouch kit which I love and Bose has said this will be retro-fitted with Airplay2.

iMac Pro: Want but I need to win the lottery first.

Thanks Steve. Thanks Tim.