I love podcasts


I was extolling the virtues of a podcast to a friend this week and followed up with an email to her. I decided to turn it into a post.

We spoke about Podcasts the other day. I love them. I listen to about 4 hours of podcasts a day – at home, in the car and while walking. 

The best way to do so is via ”Stitcher”.  I have tried the Apple Podcast app, Downcast, Instacast, etc. But I have found that Stitcher offers the most flexibility across a range of platforms. And you can listen off line (for when you are on a plane). 

You can have it on your Mac/PC, the smart phone and your tablet. And they a sync up meaning if you pause a podcast on one device, it will sync with the other so you can pick it up elsewhere, in the car, home, etc. It will also move on to the next one when the one you are listening to has finished. It is brilliant.

On your Mac/PC, it is a web page: www.stitcher.com . Just set up a free account. Download the app to your smart phone and tablet:

Here’s what I listen to:






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