Introducing Climate Communication

Climate change is the biggest issue facing mankind.

I am an active member of an international social movement that is greatly concerned about the threat to the planet and inaction by many governments, businesses and communities. Like a growing number of people, I am doing something about it.

I will use my knowledge, networks and energy to engage with influential peers in business, urging them to join him in championing action in their personal and professional lives. I will also take the message to the wider community.

I am a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps, a group dedicated to unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis. I am one of thousands of trained people who educate their business colleagues, communities, interest groups and elected officials every year.

I am in the process of establishing a service for marketing, communication and public affairs practitioners to educate them about climate change and its impact on brand and reputation. It is called Climate Communication.

Climate Communication can be found at:

Each Thursday I will produce an email bulletin containing the latest news, research, opinion and activism of internet to marketing, communication and public affairs practitioners. You can subscribe to it here:

In the new future, I will open a new web site containing resources for practitioners to assist them in their work and advocacy. 

Thank you.


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