It is getting hard to keep up

I am struggling. As a kid, I grew to with two ways to contact me… a street address and a home phone (and we didnt have an answering machine like the fancy people). There also my CB radio… CQ, CQ…

I did a count just now. There are over 30 ways to contact me. I find I am struggling to keep up. But the issue is not volume. The issue is where things are. At times, I get a message, think, I’ll answer that tomorrow and then I either forget it altogether or where the bloody thing is.

I thought this tech caper was going to make life simpler. Pfft.

Phone and number x 2 (personal/work and campaign)

Facetime (Moderate)

Text/Messages (Frequent)

Messenger x 3 accounts (personal, work and campaign) – text and calls (Frequent)

What’s App x 2 (Moderate)

Email x 3 (Frequent)

Skype, Hangouts, Wickr, Wechat, Slack (Rare)

Facebook posts x3

Twitter mentions and DM x 2

Instagram mentions x 2

Several Facebook Groups


Po Box

Street address