Bellingen CoWorking Podcast – Episode 3 – Anna Feldman talks to Andrew Woodward about stock-taking your 2017 and planning for 2018

BH1Episode 3 – Anna Feldman talks stock-taking your 2017 and planning for 2018

Andrew Woodward speaks with Anna Feldman about stock-taking your performance in 2017 and how to thrive in 2018.


Bellingen CoWorking is a group on the NSW Coffs Coast that meets regularly to help grow businesses, careers and lives through knowledge sharing, networking and camaraderie. You can find us on facebook Groups.

Local coworker Andrew Woodward speaks monthly with a local subject matter expert so that those elsewhere or those who can’t make the monthly meet-up can still benefit.

The third podcast is with Anna Feldman who is a leadership coach and mentor about stock-taking your performance in 2017 and planning for 2018 to thrive and flourish.

About Anna

Anna Feldman draws on over 15 years experience as a Yoga Teacher, Transformational Coach and a Mentor for purpose-driven, heart centred women. She supports her clients to get the clarity and courage they need to become visible and fully self expressed. This transformational journey ensures they can go on to make their greatest contribution with their unique gifts, messages and soul calling. Sweet relief for conscious women seeking to live in non-negotiable alignment with their truth and highest destiny.

She has advanced training qualifications in (Ignite Your Spirit) Energetic Healing, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Therapy and both Bikram and Power Vinyasa Yoga, spanning over 15 years in the industry of wellbeing and personal growth. Anna is currently completing her final requirements for Advanced Coaching Training with Claire Zammit of Feminine Power.

She currently lives in the luscious coast of New South Wales with her husband and their 5 year old son. This is where she has established her international coaching business, retreats and VIP days, connecting women back to nature, themselves and their radiant essence.



Updated: 14 December 2017