Andrew developed Climate Communication – a social business to help marketing, advertising, communications and corporate affairs people do business in the age of climate change. It helps organisations communicate their environmental credentials and boost brand equity and corporate reputation with expert insights, intelligence and context.

Climate Communication knows news and politics; business and consumers; science and technology and, marketing and communications like few others in Australia.

Climate change alters the way government, businesses, communities and individuals operate and significantly so. Marketing, advertising, communications and corporate affairs are at the forefront of this change. Practitioners interface with an increasingly worried and socially conscious public.

All of the research says people want action on climate change and are willing to play a role in making it happen. Inevitably, consumer preferences and consumption habits will change. The lens through which they view products will change forever.

History shows that when a global movement begins to swell, organisations have a choice and, if leveraged strategically, it can be a big opportunity. The opportunity today is to leverage the global movement that is underway to address climate change. The issue has gone mainstream, and Climate Communication can help you navigate this new era to ensure that brand and reputation not only survive but thrive as well.

Climate Communication believes there’s a compelling business case for organisations to communicate on climate change and sustainability:

  • People are increasingly concerned about climate change
  • People are looking to business to play a leading role in fixing the problem
  • People are willing to change their product choices and consumption habits
  • People will pay more for goods and services that support sustainability
  • People will admire companies that act
  • People want to work for socially responsible companies
  • People want to be a part of the solution
  • People are engaged with brands and want information

Climate Communications works with in house marketing, advertising, communications and corporate affairs teams or agencies on team development, client work or new business activities.

  • Advisory: An organisation’s green credentials are a great story to tell. The public wants to hear them. There are also issues to be managed. Climate Communication can help develop new ideas, strategies and tactics and craft ways to tell compelling stories.
  • Training: Practitioners need to be across climate change – the public mood, company and sector developments and the latest regulatory, political and scientific happenings. Climate Communication offers one on one coaching, group seminars, workshops and speaking at conferences.
  • Resources: Climate Communication can provide thorough, up to date and relevant information and research on sectors, businesses, categories, consumer preferences, the latest thinking, issues and much more.
  • Content: Climate Communication can deliver copy and or review and fact check content for corporate websites, social media, advertising, public statements, speeches, blog posts and more.
  • Contracting: Climate Communication can contract on communications strategy, tactics, messaging, research, issues management, crisis communications, sponsorship and brand development and management.

The public will reward organisations that act. Climate Communication can give you the most up to date insights, intelligence and context tailored for the communications industry in Australia so you can take advantage of this massive business opportunity, said by some to be the biggest of our time.

Updated: 6 July 2019