I am going all in on @Apple password management and sign-in with @Apple. A few thoughts on #password management in response to a discussion on @macgeekgab 961. 

There was a brief mention at the end of Mac Geek Gab #961 concerning LastPass and passwords. 

Over the years, I have used a combination of having a few passwords used across everything and storing them in notes and other means. I had used 1Password about a decade ago and had also relied on Apple to save my passwords. 

At the start of December, I decided to go “all in” on outsourcing all logins and passwords to Apple where possible. My days of writing things down, having a consistent password and so on are over. I am now using “Sign in with Apple” where possible and allowing Apple to create a strong password, where possible. This means, everything that I sign into will have its own strong password, Apple will remember everything and then make them accessible across all my devices.

Apple shows you what passwords you should change (as they have been compromised in previous global hacks or because you have used it multiple times). So, I had 250 “at risk”. I think I deleted about 80 of them and then worked through ten a day changing them. 

Importantly via Mac OS, you can export your passwords so you have a protected file listing everything that you can keep a password-protected soft copy of or print out and keep in a safe or other secure location. 

Interestingly, Apple ‘shouts’ at you if you use your Apple ID password elsewhere. More interestingly, Apple won’t offer to create a strong password for Apple IDs. You must create your own. Go figure. 

Anyhoo, I am putting all my trust in Apple on this front with Sign-in by Apple and Apple’s strong password creator, manager and storer. 

For those not familiar with Apple’s password manager, Macworld has a good explainer. It’s important to note Apple syncs your password across all your Apple devices if you so choose, and you can access your Apple managed passwords on Chrome/Edge and Windows. 

And yes, I know passkey is rolling out but I’m not being offered it by anyone as yet.

The pictures are from Mac OS and iOS.