Tech things I like – @Apple HomePod Mini, @Apple AirTags, @Rode NT-USB Mini, @Logitech StreamCam & @Logitech Litra Glow. All awesome and affordable.

In the last few years, personal technology has become better and cheaper. The value for money these days is outstanding.  Here are a couple of pieces I have at home to help me enjoy audio, keep track and get my jobs done. 

Apple HomePod mini  

These are reasonably priced speakers at AUD150 each. I have three pairs of them throughout the house. Best of all, you can use Siri with them and play all three pairs at once, giving you a place of great sound. In the theatre, I have Sonos Beam Gen 2, Sonos Sub-Mini and 2 x Ikea Symfonisk Sonos speakers for surround and greater fidelity. But for general listening in most environments, the HomePod mini is just fine. 

Apple AirTags

These are great. I have these on my keys and bags. I also have one hidden in the car and one on the dog’s collar. They’re AUD50 each or cheaper in a four-pack. If they find one thing, they pay for themselves. And the accuracy when tracking things is incredible.   

Logitech StreamCam

Most computers these days come with good cameras. For me, however, the issue is the angle. To overcome this, I have a Logitech StreamCam. The camera is no better than the cameras in MacBooks and iMacs, but you have greater flexibility when mounted on a tripod or on top of the MacBook lid or iMac bezel. You can find it in retailers for around AUD170.

Logitech Litra Glow light

I have tried the ring-type lights. While functional, they’re not great for someone who wears glasses. They leave me looking like a possessed alien. The Logitech Litra Glow light doesn’t create the same problem. It’s also easier to manipulate the get the right angle. It comes with software allowing you to adjust the settings. The same software works with the StreamCam. You can get the light for less than AUD80.

Rode NT-USB Mini

As with the camera, an external microphone can provide greater flexibility. You can also get it closer to your mouth for a deeper and richer sound. I love Rode Microphones. Best of all, they’re an Australian company. You can get it for less than AUD150.