Don’t forget your hat

Charter (left) – Latitude (top) – Storm (right)

I am a hat wearer, mainly for sun protection. These days I wear hats rather than caps as with my age and exposure to sun over the years, I am hugely concerned about skin cancer. The Australian sun, all year round, is unrelenting.

Caps might look cool but provide next-to-nothing protection. The only time you’ll see me in a cap is at night or in the shade, using it as decoration when supporting one of my sports teams.

A few years ago, I discovered a brand – Sunday Afternoons. They’re from the west coast of the USA. I love their hats. They put a lot of thought into them. They’re well made, and have large sizes to suit big boofheads like me. They’re also reasonably priced, last, wear well, and are available in Australia.

Sunday Afternoons have waterproof hats as well as big-brim hats. Some come with pockets in the lid, sunglass holders and long straps that you can attach to your shirt in windy conditions.

Here are my hats and what I recommend.

Bush and town walking and golf – Charter (Amazon Australia)

Beach and gardening – Latitude (Amazon Australia)

Waterproof (town walking and golf) – Storm (Amazon Australia)