Eleven thoughts about the FIFA World Cup.

Eleven thoughts about the FIFA World Cup.

  1. Overall it was bloody good and few matches could be taken for granted
  2. The pitches and venue dressing looked great
  3. The refereeing was excellent and the high tech VAR worked well
  4. The lack of women in official positions in the post final presentation ceremony was very disappointing
  5. There were few empty seats and the atmosphere sounded lively and added to matches
  6. Penalties and penalty shoot outs were at times poor with hesitant and or plainly terrible attempts
  7. There were some magic moments, most notably Morocco and the final
  8. The politics of Qatar wasn’t underplayed or overplayed. Coverage was appropriate.
  9. A 32 team finals stage seems about right. Please don’t change it.
  10. The broadcast quality from Qatar and the presentation on SBS in Australia were first class.
  11. I hope the world holds Qatar to account in recycling stadiums for use in developing countries.