A few thoughts on Whats App

In response to a discussion on Mac Geek Gab.

Dave, I heard your comment today regarding WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp is even better than you think. I was a sceptic, but it’s now become an essential comms tool in my work and professional life.

I work in community sport and use it engage with clubs, teams, match officials and media. We use Teams for staff communication. 

So, why is WhatsApp so good?

1. Yes, you can use it for group chat across platforms (iOS, Android, Mac and Windows). Most of us know about this feature.

2. You can also use it for broadcast messages, in that people can’t reply. This is just like sending a letter or fax, in that it is one way.

3. There are iOS, Mac, Android and Windows apps.

4. Although there’s no native Apple Watch app, you can get WA notifications on your watch and reply to them.

5. Did you know there are two WA clients – WA and WA Business? Why is this cool? WA Business has features for communicating with customers. That’s cool. But there’s an even better feature. If you have eSIM with a number in your iPhone, you can have one number that is logged into WA and the other is logged in to WA Business. So for me, I have two numbers in my iPhone 12 mini – my personal number on the hard SIM tethered to WA and the eSIM number is tethered with WA Business. That allows me to keep my personal comms and work comms separate. That’s super cool. And on your Mac (or PC) you can choose whether you communicate with WA or WA Business using the supplied clients.

The only downside to WA and WA Business is that there is no iPad OS app. But what you can do is pull up the web version of WA on the iPad and save the icon to your home screen. It would also be good to have a native Apple Watch app for both versions so you can initiate messages. 

WA is from Facebook, which also makes iPad OS and Apple Watch apps for Messenger. Hopefully, one day, they will make WA for iPad OS as well.

For now, WA and WA Business are great apps for personal and professional communication.