So I have been a bit nostalgic in the last 24 hours since hearing of the news that ABBA is dropping something next week.

As I said, in my previous post I am really intrigued by what’s coming next week. I hope its great. It would be bad if it was rubbish. They deserve better.

And you know what, the simple graphic they have put out is awesome. The branding is perfect: Link. I just thought “YES!”. 

When ABBA was in their prime I was aged 8 to say 18. So they were a big part of my growing up. They had a strong affinity with Australia. Australia was the first market that went off for them. ABBA-mania was similar to Beatles mania ten years earlier, so I am told. 

I was an ABBA fan. Fernando came out in 1976. My class teacher in year five was Father Tangey at St Augustines, Brookvale. We modified the song to sing – Can you hear drums Father Tango.

I had the honour to see ABBA at the Sydney Showground in pouring during rain in 1977. I was in the first row of the grandstand in the middle and had a great view. It was a dramatic night… a late start, 30k people, rain and rain and Frida slipped over! ABBA later claimed they risked their lives to stage this concert.

Here’s the setlist from that night: Link.

Here’s a great story and pics from that night: Link.

I had the albums.  I had a crush on Agnetha (perhaps that’s where my thing for blondes came from). I listened to the top 40 countdown. Every week for something like thirty weeks Ward Pally Austin on 2UW announced the number one song was Fernando. The week it got knocked off, I cried. 

I think at one stage I even submitted an audition tape for Johnny Young’s Young Talent Time doing the ABBA song “Tiger”. Thankfully the tape hasn’t survived the near half century since then.

I found this documentary last night on Paramount Plus – “ABBA the secrets of their greatest hits” (link). It’s a really good watch. It is explained a lot and gave insight to their “11 secret herbs and spices”. If you can find this on your provider I highly recommend it.

So, what was my ABBA song? On and on an on. It was one of their last big hits. To me it said something about the band – they go on and on an on (link).