Poll: Support for stronger emission reductions targets: National Poll, Australia Institute, April 2018.


A large national poll of 1,557 Australians, conducted by The Australia Institute, has shown strong support for an increase in Australia’s emissions reduction target to at least 45% by 2030.

When asked about the proposal to increase Australia’s emission reduction target from 26-28% up to 45% by 2030:

  • In total, more than half (56%) thought the 45% emission reduction proposal was “about right” or “too low”. Less than a quarter (22%) of respondents said the 45% proposal was “too high”.
  • More voters for every party thought it was either “about right” or “too low” than thought it was “too high”.

“A 26% emissions reduction target for our electricity sector will only ensure further instability and delay the transformation of the electricity sector,” Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Ben Oquist said.

“A 26% NEG target is too low for the government to meet its own Paris commitment and it will push other sectors of the economy, such as agriculture and transport, to do the heavy lifting to achieve large emissions reductions, which will be both more difficult and more expensive.

“Furthermore, the government’s emissions reduction target is too low and it does not reflect Australia contributing its fair share towards the Paris commitment to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees.

“Australians do not accept a head-in-the-sand approach to climate change. This polling shows that voters want Australia to play a leadership role on emissions and want their homes powered by clean, cheap renewable energy,” Oquist said.

Recent polling also showed 60% support in Australia for joining the global alliance promising to phase out coal power by 2030.

In the Paris climate agreement, the Australian government promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28% by 2030 on 2005 levels. The government also promised to consider increasing targets in the future. Labor has proposed an increased 2030 emissions reduction target of 45%.

In your view is the 45% proposed target


Updated: 13 September 2018