Paying for the news


The job cuts at Fairfax News in Australia are terrible – for news, for the reporters, for the industry and for society. I am a journalist by trade. You are never a ‘former journalist’. Once a journalist – always a journalist – you never stop inquiring, asking, challenging and reporting.

A strong media is a part of a strong democracy. We also need a strong, ethical and broad media to keep the likes of Turnbull/Abbott/Joyce, Jones and Hadley, Rupert Murdoch and his ‘News Corpse’ and sundry Libs, Nats and right wing crazies in check. And then there’s Donald Trump.

If you are a big ‘consumer’ of media, please financially support what you read or listen to or watch regularly. Don’t freeload. Don’t steal. Buy your music. Buy your movies and TV shows. Buy your photos for commercial purposes or only use unprotected media. Buy your software. Pay for your good news sources. And if you get the chance, stand up and support the ABC.

I spend about AUD1000 (USD700) a year in subscriptions with the Sydney Morning Herald, Guardian, New York Times, The Economist, The Conversation and two podcasts (Daily Tech News Show and Mac Geek Gab). That’s me doing what I consider to be the right thing. Sure I read and listen to other stuff but these are my dailies or weeklies so I feel obligated to support them.

If you feel like contributing to strong journalism, do so here (Just $10 to $20 a month each):

Thank you.

Note: Photo from of The Conversation