Business of sports sponsorship conference – Chairman and host’s blog – Day one

Tuesday, 4 April 2016




0900 Andrew Woodward, Opening Remarks

Welcome to 6th business of sports summit
Acknowledge traditional owners of the land we are on.
And thank them for caring for country.
Welcome those form Sydney
Interstate and overseas
Show of hands – who’s been before?

Please thank our sponsors for their support of the event.
Event Partner
Gold Sponsors
W3 Digital
Polar Electro Australia
Odgers Berndstson
Techfront Australia
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Notes and survey
after the event they will receive speaker presentations for those who wish to share,
along with a post event survey.

Great two day program:
Brand building
Women’s sport
Emerging sports or disciplines
Sponsorship best practise – client side
Tech and data

As always a great time to be in sport:
In football, FIFA corruption probe out this week
Stellar start for AFL womens
Steller start for netball
Women’s crickets with great TV ratings
A league expansion and then non expansion and then there’s the Socceroos
Comm Games is coming but where to after Australia
Olympics like living in Sydney is having a time finding a place to rent
Rugby is contracting
NRL is bullet proof as ever
Planet AFL – as controversial as every – the DONs back
Men’s cricket has gone from being a gentlemen’s game to bitch slapping
And the Ashes are coming
new stadia in Perth and renovations in Sydney.

It is all happening!

As for me
On the scene for over 20 years
Career started as PR Manager for Sydney’s bid for the Olympics in 1992
Since then worked for SGB, event owners, sponsors and government
OLY, CG, RWC, FIFA WC, NFL and A League
Comms and marketing
Today I do sports consulting
Moving into climate change – the biggest economic and social issue facing the world this century
Urge you to support action on climate, renewable energy, conservation and sustainability
CC will have a significant impact on sport – make the business even harder.

My job
Keep to time
Ask questions

My view of conferences
Not every session will be of interest
Get one good take away, it is worthwhile
Chance to benchmark your knowledge
Work on what you need to learn
Meet some interesting people

Tips for a good conference:
Give yourself a break from email, Facebook and tweets
Plenty of time to make calls
Put your thing on flight mode
Concentrate on the words and the slides
Can go off air for 90 minutes
Plenty of breaks
Plenty of indispensable people in cemeteries

Encourage sharing:
LinkedIn Group
I will also do a blog of key points from today during the break on each session.
Email inbox@andrewwoodward.net
Twitter @andrewwoodward


0910 Stuart Ayers, NSW Minister for Sport

Role of government
1. Infrastructure development, standalone is difficult, need multi purpose facilities
2. Participation, need to encourage more diversity and wider use facilities (lights, women’s change rooms)
3. High performance is an important issue for state governments

Sports business should talk to local government, they have lots of influence.
Technology is changing the way government thinks about sport.
Sport needs to understand tourism and events strategy
Need to start thinking about participation as future customers


0930 Craig Tiley, CEO, Tennis Australia

Next ten years will move faster than next ten years
Dream to become leading global sports event
Prize money from $20m to $50m
Changed court to blue because the ‘kids’ like it and thought it was cool
200% increase in website use
AO Staying in Melbourne to 2036, due to government investment
$300m in tourism revenue, also pay tax revenue ($30m cash)
Onsite fans = food, music and children. These are the points of difference
Fashion will come next.
Have gone from being a sporting federation to an entertainment business
Bring the stars closer to the fans
Produce all own TV content – localise and customise it
Marketing in Asia for staff and funds

What’s next?
Employ people better than me, Employ technologically minded people, Get people with global focus
R&D centre set up in Perth, incubator, find new equipment, forms of the game, unlimited scope and no interference
Pick the right partners
Invest in other events, eg. Laver Cup
Be aware in any business there are: Accelerators, handbrakes and airbags

Five disrupters for tennis
GenZ, co-creators, people want to follow stars
VR and AR

Participation across all sports is declining, mor into entertainment
Biggest competitor to tennis – sedentary lifestyle, getting people out of their homes


LEADERSHIP SESSION, High Stakes, High Expectations: Boosting Sports Business through Responsive Leadership

Ray Gunston, General Manager, Finance, Corporate and Special Projects, AFL
Marne Fechner, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Netball Australia
Rebecca Reed, Partner – Sports, Gaming & Entertainment, Odgers Berndtson
Raelene Castle, Chief Executive Officer, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs FC


Ray, AFL
Six strategic: Strong club, spectacular game, revenue and investment, community football, growth and fans, people
Values: win, passion, fair, team
Foundations: Competitive balance, people and governance, community and financial support
AFL gets 7 to 1 ROI on participation investment
Future is “new legends – new fans” based on an alignment of fans, markets, diversity/inclusion and increased participation

Raelene, Bulldogs
Keys to being a CEO in NRL: Juggler, resilience, thick skinned, live in a world of grey, alight with chair and board and leave fandom at the door

Marne, Netball
Speed of change is incredible, must be agile, innovative and do so with integrity.
Must understand issues coming your way
Looking to increase interest with me

Rebecca, Ogders Berndston
Chairs and boards are moving away from traditional sports CEO, they want people with a broader background
Need to be right up on technology
Think about what’s happening in the future
Disruption remains a buzzword after 10 years
Look first within the business to grow talent rather than outside first. Be inclusive



Ran through IBIS statistics in Women in Sport in Australia in 2015
$10.5 billion industry in Australia
Ran through Repucom study on the interests of men and women
69% of men into sport, 46% for women but this is largely driven by TV
Used graph to show the commercial value of women’s sport currently has commercial value 10% of that of men’s sport. Forecasts that will grow to 20% of the value by 2033.
Ran through Ausplay study
One of the biggest issues in women’s sport is the lack of women’s change rooms. Cost for sports, government and private owners is enormous
The pipeline for womens’ sport facilities is so far behind what’s needed, no one government or sport can fix it.
How do you think women feel – A-League and W-League? What’s going on there.


11.40 EVENTS SESSION Capturing the Wow Factor: The New Frontier for Extraordinary Sports Events

Neil Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer, Techfront Australia
Anthony Everard, General Manager, Big Bash League
Matt Braid, Managing Director, Supercars
Nick Vanzetti, Managing Director, Electronic Sports League (ESL)


Around venue active LEDs are getting more popular
Sports need to be present on the lounge, on the go and in the venue
Sports are looking ways to utilise players as online or in venue entertainment during matches
Wifi can be delivered by drones in venues
Smart seats and smart line markings are becoming more popular.

“Sell to the customer what the customer wants, not what you want to sell.
It is all about kids
Worked with Nickelodeon on entertainment, family time is valuable time, families and children want to spend more time with each other; sport is a place to do that
Need to be entertainment and convenient (scheduling)
Fine engagement between tech engagement and too much tech engagement for children
BB16 game. 2.6 million downloads. 400k in AUS

Are we sport, entertainment or tourism?
Focus is on content and experience
Team rivalry draws fans to Supercars
Fans want to see greatness
Need to utilise superstars
Wifi in venue take up is only 10%
Families likely to come together to go to sporting events
One app for home or track

Sydney to be of four global stops
Sydney in May – tickets range from $55 to $900
Inflection moment was move from Box software games to i online element purchases
Very loyal fan base
Gaming and integrity are key issues


1230, AMY MCNICOL, Director, Global Sponsorships, AIG NZ, Partnerships that deliver: The secret to successful global sponsorship.

Rugby offered a way to get closer to fans that some bigger sponsorships do
Rugby problematic at RWC doesn’t allow for sponsorship playing kit.
Came up with Hakka 360 as an interactive experience to engage with fans
Presented case study: http://www.haka360.com
Remember, it is all about the fan
Utilise partnerships
24/7 job
Recognise and celebrate cultural differences
Have to let go of some control
Know what you are good at – know what your agencies are good at
Quality matters, think about the detail
Get internal buy-in early


1230, AMY MCNICOL, Director, Global Sponsorships, AIG NZ, Partnerships that deliver: The secret to successful global sponsorship.

Rugby offered a way to get closer to fans that some bigger sponsorships do
Rugby problematic at RWC doesn’t allow for sponsorship playing kit.
Came up with Hakka 360 as an interactive experience to engage with fans
Presented case study: http://www.haka360.com
Remember, it is all about the fan
Utilise partnerships
24/7 job
Recognise and celebrate cultural differences
Have to let go of some control
Know what you are good at – know what your agencies are good at
Quality matters, think about the detail
Get internal buy-in early

1350, Victor Cui, CEO and Owner, One Championship, Conquering new markets: Events, partnerships and owner

MMA Business
Largest sports media property in Asia
52 events, 563m fan base,
Mainly in Asia
Going into Asia? Big cultural barrier to cross
Eastern sports fans hate disrespect and arrogance, this is what you get with American fight sports
Asian audiences like respect, honour of athletes, etc
Looking to IPO next few years, billion dollar valuation, Temasek SG is a big investor

Key learnings
1. Creating a locally relevant property with global appeal, Chinese soccer, Japanese baseball and Indonesian soccer are popular in own market but not elsewhere. That’s what One MMA is trying to do
2. Invest in the community, first time MMA in Asia has been commercialised, brought together industry leaders in MMA, talked about how to work together.
3. Transcend the language barrier, there is no such thing as “Asia”, doing business in Singapore is completely different to doing things in Malaysia, language barrier is a huge thing to cross, there are 27 languages in Asia,

Where is sport business is going?
Role of social media is unclear. Will be more than now but by how much? You need to be a digital social media expert, you will be out of a job in 5 years.
Facebook last year
1.3b impressions
926 m total reach
130 million video views
454 total shares
F – 3.1 m followers
Twitter,418k followers
YT 6.8 m views
Instagram 177k viewers

1430 Powerful Partnerships: Modernising & Optimising Sponsor Relationships

Amy McNicol, Director, Global Sponsorships, AIG (NZ)
David Parsons, Sponsorship and Events Assistant Manager, Hyundai Motor Company Australia
Kate Johnson, VP, Head of Global Sponsorship Marketing, Visa (USA)

Kate Johnson, Visa,
The FIFA corruption scandal caused Visa to ask itself, why have we invested in football?
Is Olympics and FIFA Qoeld Cup driving value for us.
The good news is is that the World Cup is great shape in the minds of consumers. Consumers delink FIFA and the WC.
Both Olympics and FIFA have huge valuations flor Visa – we are now asking the question internally – do we want to stay in them.
How do we fill the gaps in sponsorship between ‘episodic events like FIFA WC and Olympics?

David, Hyundai
The opinion of the fan is central to all campaigns
When looking at sponsorship, we ask ourselves the question, if we weren’t involved, what hole would that leave for consumers?

Amy, IAG
There are a few rules when it comes to things controversial.
You need to act quickly and be prepared to drop quickly
IAG has ads i the market that are online only Ned not on free to air or pay Tv

Amy, good to sponsor both athletes and teams and athletes in teams
Kate, Visa sponsored 55 athletes for Rio.
David, if the sport grows, we grow
Kate, while Olympics and FIFA are global, we are looking at a local market strategy to intersect with eh fan, Formula-E is an example. Also getting into entertainment, music, culinary and smaller musicians.
Kate: 50% of sponsorship marketing spend goes on TV, the rest elsewhere
Amy, TV is too expensive
Kate, Visa is looking at its ‘only card accepted’ strategy at major events in that it may consider dropping this in preference for adding value elsewhere
David, Hyundai takes a ‘logo last approach’ in that what can it do to leverage the sponsorship well before it puts the sport brand mark on its marketing and product
Kate, the definition of sponsorship is changin g.

1545 Kate Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Sports Commission, Redeveloping our sporting future

Need to change the perception that, while it is, it need not be seen as a ‘government department.
Current funding of $277m per annum goes to high performance and AIS, participation and building capability ion sport (eg. Government)
Looking at many programs including ‘physical literacy’ in the community (personal fitness)
Urge sports bodies to ask – are you clear about your role and purpose.
Governance in sport is improving but for some it is a tick box approach, what does governance look like?
The way some sports bodies are going, they will n to exist in ten years. Som might exist but they will limp along
Sports need federal, state and local bodies to work together harmoniously
The industry really needs to be disrupted
Big sports are partnering with smaller sport s- like NRL with touch football
Sailing and gold are good example of sports that have reformed their administration and governance.
There are the top tier sports that need little help, there are the middle ones that need some help and there are the vast majority that need lots of help.

1615 Technology and data session

Dr Stephanie Kovalchik, Senior Sport Scientist, Tennis Australia
Walter Lee, Head of Strategy, AFL
Drew Oryszczyn, Managing Director, Polar Electro Australia

Analysed data so we can see what close games do to TV audiences and engagement
There’s a correlation between spending more money open the football department and winning
A single stoner view transformed the AFLs’ marketing

Stephanie, tennis
Can track player sin real time
Need best data tools available
Data is mainly used with media and some engagement with teams

Drew, Polar
Consumer and professional is now one
Growth in both
Clubs not using equipment and data as well as they could
Clubs and others need training
Clubs and scientists are asking for specific equipment

Water, need to prioritise the use of data internally
Walter, not all analysed data is used
Walter, we don;’t get enough data from social media, better social media data would help stitch the story together better
Stephanie, some teams ask for more data on human movement
Stephanie, the wheelchair tennis program is adding a new challenge to data collection techniques

1700 Kate Johnson, VP, Head of Global Sponsorship Marketing, Building and maintaining effective partnerships in the big business of sport

Olympics sponsorship transformed Visa’s business in the USA in the late 80’s and 90’s
Why Visa did sponsorship at first is different to what it does now.
30 years of Olympic sponsorship, 10 years of FIFA sponsorship
Visa is reviewing the value of its Olympics and FIFA sponsorships to see if they still fit in the future.
Linking activation to the internet of things – like Visa pay-ring.
Alibaba is creating a global ecommerce platform for its Olympic sponsorship
Visa doing some test and lean – World Surf League (helps relates to millennials), motor racing (Formula E),
By sponsoring athletes (influencers), Visa comes up organically in the conversation

1. Stay nimble
2. Facilitate organic moments
3. Test test test learn learn learn learn


Notes from Wednesday will be here:


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