What I can and can’t do on an iPad

I have just had a week on the road and only took the iPad and Apple keyboard with me. I was on holidays with the children and didn’t want to take the MacBook.

I can run my publishing world (two newsletters) but run into a bit of grief. There are no deal breakers but there are things to take into account before, during or after traveling only with the iPad.

I am going to chase the providers on these to see what they can do.


Issue: I can’t copy text with hyperlinks from a Pages or Word document and drop it into Squarespace Blog iPad app so that the links still work.
Workaround: I have to manually add the hyperlinks in the Squarespace iPad app.
Example: https://climatecomm.squarespace.com/news/2015/6/30/rpb035 (the links were added manually)


Issue: I can’t post to Google Plus or Tumblr from the Hootsuite iPad app.
Workaround: The work around is to use the Tumblr and Google business apps.

Issue: I can’t do bulk uploads of posts via the Hootsuite using a Google docs Sheets document.
Work around: The work around is to manually add and schedule (time consuming).
Consider: Outsource this to Virtual Assistant.

Linked In

Issue: I can’t “publish a post” to LinkedIn as the ability to do so is not in the iPad app and the ability to post is not supported by mobile browsers.
Workaround: Wait until I return home.
Example: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/week-climate-change-weekend-reads-andrew-woodward-6022659274390392832?
Example: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/climate-change-brands-reputation-management-rpb035-andrew-woodward?
Consider: Outsource this to Virtual Assistant


Issue: I have to use the web based editor on the iPad rather than iPad app as saved templates don’t show in the iPad app.
Workaround: Use webpage rather than app.


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