A few more thoughts on Apple Watch

Talk you out of buying a watch?

I really like the watch for a whole variety of reasons.

And it has grown on me to the point where daily use is very ‘business as usual’ for me.

I use it without thinking of it. Sending and answering texts, asking Siri questions, seeing what time the next bus comes, getting a vibrate on the wrist when it is time to turn directions, doing speakerphone calls on the wrist are all very normal now.

I did this blog a few weeks ago and am planning another one for this week.


The key points I will be making this week are along the lines of:
1. Change notifications so it doesn’t mirror all notifications on your iPhone. Only get the essentials on your wrist. Less is more.
2. The Apple remote app is the hidden gem. Control your Apple TV, iPhone, MacBook audio as well as iTunes using 3. Airplay and Airfoil (Airfoil is a utility which turns your MacPro, iMacMac, Book or Mac Mini into Airplay speakers).
4. You can also control Keynote or PowerPoint presentations on your iPhone and Mac from your watch.

It is about you get a while lot better to soon when the software update comes out.

The only reason I would say DON’T BUY is on the grounds of cost. There are no other reasons not to get it. You get lots of value for a great price.

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