Apple Watch thoughts after a few weeks


“Outrageously awesome”

Here are my thoughts:


  • Apple Watch is a second screen, wireless microphone or relay of your iPhone. 
  • It does nothing magical on its own.

What’s changed

  • I get my iPhone out 80 per cent less (battery life extended greatly)
  • I send most text through the watch
  • I read most text messages on the watch
  • I no longer have my phone on vibrate for when it is on silent (that’s solved by the watch)
  • I check most email on the watch
  • I am less distracted while driving
  • I don’t walk along looking at the iPhone

My key learning

  • Voice dictation is awesome

What’s great

  • The notifications I get on my iPhone come through on the watch
  • Glances for sports scores, audio control (for TuneIn, Downcast, etc) are great.
  • Quick phone calls on the watch
  • Battery life
  • Transport arrival times (Next There)
  • Alarms
  • Map integration with the phone
  • Apple TV control
  • Weight (don’t know it is there), size (wouldn’t want it any bigger), band quality, screen clarify
  • Going out with just the watch and bluetooth headset and no phone – playing music from the watch to the ears


  • Some third party apps need a lot of work

What I would like

  • The Google app for voice searching on the phone
  • Apple Pay in Australia

User advice

  • Don’t overload the watch with apps. Be ruthless – only put ones on you will use not less than every few days.
  • Take the time to get your user notifications right on the iPhone and mirror it on the watch.
  • Tweak the settings in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

Best apps

  • NYT
  • BBC
  • CNN
  • AppleInsider
  • 7 Sport – Australian sport
  • SMH Skim – Sydney Morning Herald Australian news
  • Evernote – for quick notes
  • Next three (transport bus arrivals)
  • Overcast – podcast player
  • TuneIn – radio player
  • My fitness pal
  • Do notes – post to Evernote, Facebook, Apple Reminders
  • Do button – turn on lights control by WeMo
  • Twitter and Twitterific

What’s missing

  • Apple notes
  • Apple reminders

Apps needing work

  • Guardian
  • FlipBoard

Yet to work out

  • Health, pulse, heartbeats, etc monitoring
  • Doesn’t talk to myfitnesspal yet

Buyer advice

  • Heavy tech users: Buy now.
  • Everyday users: Wait until 2nd or 3rd generation when they are half the height and price.

Bottom line

  • Paid a lot but get great value out of it
  • The best is yet to come as people work out the apps, functionality and places where it can work well


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