They’re a weird mob

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with my partner about her day at work. She teaches English to skilled migrants.

She was telling me about a question she had from a student concerning use of the word “bloody”. Where’s the bloody sauce, that’s bloody good, he’s a bloody idiot, bloody hell, etc. You can imagine the confusion. It can add emphasis to the good, the bad, express annoyance, express delight and so much more.

Anyway, I told her about “Kings Bloody Cross” – a line from the classic Australian 1966 film: “They’re a weird mob”. My partner only arrived in Australia in 1981 and didn’t know about the film. It is the story of an Italian immigrant who lands in Australia in the mid 1960’s and the cultural shock he goes through.

I went to You Tube to find the relevant “Kings Bloody Cross” clip but found the whole movie was available and in good quality. We AirPlayed it to the Apple TV and enjoyed all ninety or so minutes of it. It is a great look at Sydney in the mid sixties, when I was born, and it captures perfectly, I think, the “Aussie culture” or the day, much of which still exists today.

Here it is on YouTube

Part one :
Part two :

Watch it, it is bloody good.

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