Quick post – Geeky things this week 24 April 2014

Things I have seen the week….

  • Check out the PBS app on AppleTV. Awesome viewing! Verifying it was flaky. Do it through Safari on your Mac. If you don’t have a US iTunes account, get one and then route your AppleTV through Unblock-US for USD5 a month. I have two AppleTV – one for the USA store and the other for the AUS store. It is so easy to set it up with the USA. You can then also get Netflix, Hulu Plus and much more. 
  • I have gone back to using 1Password on my Mac. Apple keychain is hit and miss. 1Password is on special on the App Store for USD25 There’s also a version for iOS.
  • Need to buy something? Belkin HD house cam…  cheaper at Amazon. I am a fan of Belkin gear. It is solid.
  • Pixelmator for Mac is a great pic manipulator. All of the features of Photo Shop but a fraction of the price. It is normally USD30 but is on special this week for USD15 at the Mac App Store.
Geek on!

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